celloles bij Sebastiaan de Rode



In principal, prices are fixed, but in special (financial) cases we can alter the price. Lessons have to be paid in advance, unless you are a student. Payment in two terms is  possible.


You can also choose for a 5 or 10 lesson card. This will give you the freedom to schedule lessons whenever suits you best. You'll have to buy the card in advance. The new lesson will be scheduled at the end of every last lesson, depending on availability of student and teacher.


Lessons may be rescheduled by a student with a minimum of 24 hours in advance notice. If a student cancels a lesson within 24 hours, the lesson will be considered as a normal lesson.


A card is valid for 1 year. If a student quits taking lessons, remaining lessons on the card will not be reimbursed.


Of coarse it is possible to start lessons during the year. Lessons are on a private base. When there are enough students interested, a group lesson can be organized with a bigger focus on ensemble playing.


In case of the teacher being sick, the lessons will be rescheduled. When students cancel a lesson, these lessons will not be rescheduled (unless notified in time) or refunded. I special cases (long term illness, moving) lessons can be stop earlier, but within a one month notice.